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You know, for the past few years my story has been about how bird + beau came to be; a love story really, of putting my talent (and an abundance of beads) to work to save up and marry the fella of my dreams!

Well, the hard work paid off, we got hitched, bought a house, and along the way my passion for creating jewelry for others grew!

It makes me so happy to see the smiles that jewelry can bring and I love when my pieces become a part of your story.  I can share what inspires my designs or tell tales from my studio, but it's the moments that you attach to each piece that are most remarkable.  And I love creating jewels that help you treasure those very moments!


I am thoughtful in my designs, often testing them out for months, to make sure that they wear comfortably, securely, and stylishly!  I would never sell something I wouldn't wear myself, and for this reason, I am very particular in the metals and stones I select.

You'll find my newest collection of vintage accessories is just as highly curated.  I'm so excited to share these finds with you!  I love to imagine the life they've led, the stories they could tell, and the adventures they've yet to go on.

Cheers to well accessorized adventures!  xoxo