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odyssey bangle


That slight jingle cut through through the house, past the quiet crackle of incense warming the room.  A kiss on the forehead and she was out the door.  By night she worked long hours to fill your days with adventures by the sea.

Her trademark, now your tradition: three bangles softly singing gentle reminders of what was, is, and will be.  You can almost smell those salty summer days.

    + Lightweight, yet durable
    + Sizes:
    + Gold filled for every day wear without any tarnish; also available in brass + sterling silver

    Handmade jewelry may vary ever so slightly from pictured and may take a few days to ship.  Please email hello@birdandbeau.com if you have any questions.

    Sending this as a gift?  Leave a note + it'll ship wrapped especially pretty without an invoice.

    Not sure about the size?  Give it a try + easily swap it if you need to.  No worries!

    Love it, but want another color?  Just ask... no promises, but if it's possible, it's all yours!