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Some friends + I attended a galentine's event and were asked to arrive early for a themed photo shoot... so what to wear?!

Found a perfectly nude blush top -- simple, comfortable, pretty.  (Notably, not the best photo, but are dressing room pics ever?)

Rounded up neutral + pink jewelry featuring my fave wooden necklace from Gunner + Lux along with vintage bangles from my own collection.

My coveted Rebecca Taylor heels in perfect pinks + poppy orange.  LOVE these so much.  I will cry if they ever break.

I even made a pair of heart hoops.  Queue the "Awwws!"  In rose gold, of course.  (These may soon make an appearance online.)

Oh, and not to forget my kaia leather clutch in the prettiest shade of rose.

And voila!  What a fun night with my girls Danielle + Raana -- who knew a networking event could be so fun!  (Photo via Adelyn Boling)

xoxo -- Thanks to Lion House, Gretta Nance, Zim Zoom, + more! 

Oh, and I even won one of the raffles... so I'll surely post about that soon too.  Hellooo, new eyelashes!

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