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fashion + style rants + raves from jewelry designer, kristin austin, of bird + beau. tips + tricks for styling, wearing, packing, + cleaning jewelry. vintage + modern gems. news + updates on the brand, events, + local markets. based in raleigh, nc.

stories of bird life

When I was very young I would have the most incredible dreams of flying.  To spread my wings, fly through the air, eating clouds like cotton candy.
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making it happen

When I'm not in my studio creating, I'm working on the shop refresh or other client projects through my freelance design biz, kaus creative.
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what to wear: galentine's

Some friends + I attended a galentine's event and were asked to arrive early for a themed photo shoot... so what to wear?!
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the bourbon bride

I LOVE working with brides.  So many special details go into making the day so personal and it's an exciting honor to help make that happen!
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new year, new you

New shop update: in the works!  And actually, I'm going to shut the shop down for a bit while I get my 2019 plan completely sorted.  It's nice to actually refresh with a refresh, you know?!
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happy new year

And then comes the extra with my vintage black + white bangles, 1950s rhinestone clips, and the most amazing tiny clutch from the 30s.
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shop small

A few faves to #shopsmall with this season!  Support local + handmade.
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weekend gems

What to do + what to wear for a perfect weekend! Tag @birdandbeau on IG + FB when you wear your gems!
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sale at the shop

Just two weeks left of this summer's pop up downtown.  Everything is on sale this weekend!
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aray goods

I've named my new shop Aray; inspired by my grandfather who was actually named Ray + was indeed a ray of light.
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